ISO 13485 Certified

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is a non-government organization that establishes standards for industrial applications. Organizations undergo a rigorous process to become ISO 13485 Certified. This means that their processes and procedures meet requirements defined by international standards. That may include:

  • Business processes and procedures
  • Customer focus
  • Ongoing monitoring of processes
  • Monitoring for defects
  • Adequate record keeping
  • Continuous process review and improvement

The H. Galow Company, Inc. has achieved ISO 13485 Certified. We have been independently audited and certified to conform to ISO 13485 Certified quality management systems. Through diligent business process, training and Quality Control, we ensure that our processes and product meet established worldwide standards.

We are committed to high quality output, customer satisfaction, and complying with safe and efficient manufacturing processes. Please contact us today to discuss a custom solution for your need.