Cell Manufacturing

H. Galow Company, Inc. employs industry best practices to manufacture high quality product as efficiently as possible. Through the implementation of a manufacturing cell, our company continually achieves success on behalf of our clients.

The concept behind a manufacturing cell is to efficiently group all resources (people, materials, equipment) required for manufacturing a product. Those resources are arranged in optimal proximity of each other and closely coordinate activities. The major benefits are significantly increased efficiency and cost savings resulting from:

  • Improved communication
  • Increased speed throughout the manufacturing and production cycle
  • Reduction of waste – both time and materials
  • Greater flexibility
  • Higher quality output

Manufacturing cells reduce overall waste in several important ways:

  • Reduce over-production to a level of only what is needed immediately for the next stage of the operation.
  • Reduce excess inventory that needs to be moved or stored.
  • Reduce equipment and labor downtime caused by delays in the manufacturing and production process.

The H. Galow Company, Inc. team continuously seeks ways to improve upon our process. We are committed to introducing new methods of reducing waste and improving efficiency wherever possible.

Please contact us today to discuss how a manufacturing cell methodology may be the right solution for your needs.