Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Do you perform all work on-site or outsource it?

A) The H. Galow Company, Inc. has developed an efficient in-house system of production and assembly at our modern 38,000 square foot facility. We have the specialized equipment, people and knowledge to meet virtually any manufacturing challenge. Learn more about our Machining services, Assemblies and Kitting services and Manufacturing Cell.

Q) How much lead time do you require to start a new project?

A) There are many factors that affect the ramp-up time, such as: requirements, material availability and capacity. We pride ourselves on working closely with our customers to clearly define all requirements up front and assemble the necessary resources to expedite production.

Q) Do you do prototype work?

A) When a customer is introducing a new product or redesigning an old one typically testing and qualification parts are needed. H. Galow Company, Inc. will work with the product engineers in developing these products.